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Questions About A German Version

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I'm currently having my vacation packing book translated into German. I know very,very little about the German market though, and the more I think about it the more questions I appear to have!

Should I leave the English version available on or only sell the German version there - in fact when I think about it - should I offer the German  version in other Amazons and Smashwords?

Pricing - currently I price across all markets the same as the US price - which makes the $2.99/$8..99 price piont E2.86/E7.82 Should I price the German version the same? Higher?  Obivously the translation is an additional cost so I'm wondering if it's legit to price the German version a little high to try and recover costs.

I guest now I need to have an authorcentral on de which is German as well?

Exciting times - but also challenging
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I can't speak to the pricing question, but I would keep both versions available on ALL markets.  Why not?  It doesn't cost any extra.  I've sold my German version on both and, and I'm not sure where else.
I would definitely keep both versions available. Why wouldn't you? There are plenty of Germans who read in English and even prefer the original to a translated version. And there are German speakers outside Germany. I occasionally sell a handful of my German editions via and I sell English books at

As for the price, I would keep it the same. What you can do is set the Euro price to 2.99 EUR, i.e. the Euro and US-dollar price are the same. But I would do it for both the English and the German version.
Cora's right, round it to look professional. If you want 2,99 EUR then enter 2,90, with VAT that will round up to 2,99. (Value-added tax is 3 percent). Kobo uses the price you set and takes tax out, so set to 2,99 there. I don't know what Apple does but in iTunes you have to select a "99" price tier anyway.

Remember, that's approaching $4 in US money so it is higher return than $2.99
Makes perfect sense now I think about it! I certainly know plenty of English native speakers who live in Germany and Germans who live abroad.
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