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Questions Regarding Publishing Paperbook Via Createspace

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I have decided to take the plunge and publish the first book in my series, The Mystery of Smugglers Cove, as a paperback via createspace.

I came across the below link which has interior templates, but there are so many that I am at a loss to decide which one. This book is for ages 7-12, so for anyone who has published a childrens book through them, could you advise me on what template you used? Oh, and my book has a word count of 43,000.

Lastly, is there anything different that I should look at when publishing a childrens book compared to an adult book, such as font size?


Paul M
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Try this post (from the KDP forums):

It's about doing the kind of book you're talking about. Some folks complain that the CS templates can be wonky, and the one I used, for a simple print book certainly was. Other than that, I can't offer much help, as I haven't tried this type of book -- yet. ;D
Font is very important, size and style. The last thing you want is a big, pretty illustration and teeny-weeny hard-to-read font. Open some children books and take a look for examples. You'll see some badly done ones out there, as well as some done right.

I can't direct you on the template, as I sent mine to a very affordable formatter and just sat back with a nice cup of tea and a good movie as she did her magic. ;)
Thanks. I actually don't have any pictures, so I don't have to worry about that.

After looking around I am currently going with the 5'' by 8'' size and using Garamond size 13 with single spacing.

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