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Radio catch phrases

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Since the TV catch phrases are pretty well covered, how about radio catch phrases?  I noticed there are a few mature (cough, cough) kindle board members; so maybe we can come up with a few.

The shadow knows (the only one I can remember at this time :)
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He's everywhere, he's everywhere!  Chickeennnnnn  MAANNNNNNNN!!! 

The Aldrich Family (1939-1953) with the familiar catchphrases "Henry! Henry Aldrich!," followed by Henry's answer, "Coming, Mother!"

Yes, I'm old. There were no TV stations in Atlanta until 1949, so we listened to the radio.
Who was that masked man?  (The Lone Ranger)
"Say good night, Gracie" George Burns and Gracie Allen. (they also did it on TV for a while).
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