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RAGNAROK SUMMER - Fantasy by Matt Maxwell

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Hey there. Occurred to me that I haven't done an announcement post for my work, so let's get that taken care of.

RAGNAROK SUMMER - $2.99 at the Kindle store. Here' the virtual back cover copy:

Ragnarok came and went. The gods won. The giants retreated to recover from their wounds. But even in victory, the gods are uneasy. Hammerless, Thor quit Asgard in disgust. A half-machine Tyr interprets the babblings of a sightless Odin and Loki is imprisoned, both jester and reminder of the gods' costly victory.

There is a rot at the center of the world, at the heart of the world-tree Yggdrassil itself. But only Thor will acknowledge it. Chasing the source of that corruption, astride his twin-engined motorcycle, Thor retuns to Asgard after his hundred year exile.

Part magic and part technology amok, RAGNAROK SUMMER here is a maniac journey through the transformed worlds of the norse gods: to the stomach of the Midgard serpent, to glittering spires of Asgard City, to the frozen wastes of Niflheim and ravening infernos of Muspellheim, and to Hel itself where Thor and Loki pursue the secret of a failed apocalypse.

Matt Maxwell is also the author of TUG ON THE RIBBON AND OTHER STORIES and THE COLLECTED FULL BLEED. This is his first novel.


As you can see, fantasy/mythology territory here, though I'll warn folks that this isn't just a straight retelling of the Norse myth cycle, but something else. Maybe taking the stories and running them through a heavy-metal-tinted prism with dashes of unknowable technology, all really telling the story of the dilemma of the creator and facing what happens when the creation slips from their fingers.

If there's interested reviewers, contact me so I can get a copy loaned to you, either via PM or email ([email protected]) As you can see, there's no reviews there currently, so you can be the first. That's a big deal, right?
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