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I'm always open to good advice and just received some...see below.

I can't delete my topic, so I'll modify it.

If you'd like an honest read and review of your novel, and it's available for .99 or under, post below. If it appeals to me, I'll read it and review it.

I like science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and humor; especially in combination. My Kindle is fired up and ready to go!
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e. flaig....

You might want to take a look around the board for other book review exchange threads.  you'll see that they're usually not well received because some readers (myself included) don't think that review exchanges really work in the interest of the reader.

and on another front,  my suggestion is to not stress over reviews, they are nice, but high numbers of reviews do not necessarily correlate with increased sales (if it's sales you're worried about).
Decon said:
Thank goodness for that. I hope you are right, because I don't have one review on any of my short stories and I am reluctant to exchange reviews with authors or to ask family and friends. However if you are wrong. Any suggestions what an author is meant to do?
an author is meant to write. do that well and all else will follow. pull your focus away from that and in the end, nothing will matter.
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