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I am going to be holding a Reader Appreciation Sale starting this weekend and running through the entire month of June. I'm placing a bunch of titles on sale for 99 cents and will be promoting it heavily throughout the month. I'm going to be using my affiliate account to set up a special astore link for the sale since a lot of titles are involved, and it occurred to me that it might be nice to extend an invitation to my fellow writers to add their titles to the list. To see what the astore looks like, you can go to this link (still working on it):

I've set up a few extra categories to which I can add titles. If you want your title included, however, there are a few stipulations. PLEASE read through this first if you want to participate to make sure you understand what I need.

1. The Kindle title must be 99 cents for the duration of the sales period. Obviously, if your book is 99 cents all the time, this is a non-issue. ;-)

2. [edited out. No longer applies.]

3. The book needs to be speculative fiction. I have set up categories for horror, epic/high fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, spec fiction anthologies (multiple authors), and spec fiction collections (single author). If your book fits into one of those categories, I will add it to the store.

If your book fits those three requirements, then post the following information to this thread:

Book Title
Genre (see #3) Please select only one genre.

I'll entertain additional relevant genres if there are enough titles to justify it, but I don't want to get into a crazy list of sub-genres each with only one or two titles in it. I would rather keep the list of genres to a minimum.

If you have more than one qualified book, feel free to include them all. Just make sure the Kindle version is 99 cents and there is a print version available.

While not required, if I add your book to the list, I would appreciate you mentioning the sale on your blog/etc sometime during the sales period.

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OK, I found a workaround for not being able to direct link to Kindle books in an astore. If the book is on a listmania list, I can link to the entire list. So what I can do is create a Listmania list for each catagory, and then use that catagory in the astore to add the Kindle titles. It's a little more convoluted than I wanted, but it works.

So what that means is, you do NOT have to have a print title for your book! It just needs to be a speculative fiction title that fits in one of the catagories and it must be 99 cents for the sales period.

So...revised rules!

Post to this thread with the following:

Book Title
ASIN Number

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Good idea! I hope short stories will work for you. If so, here's two:

Title: A Stop At Stanford
Genre: Science Fiction

Title: What to Change
Genre: Science Fiction

I'm also bookmarking your astore just in case. Thanks and best of luck!

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Thank you both for adding your titles!

I have taken the liberties of adding a few 99 cent titles from authors I know are on KB so that I can start to build the lists.  Once I have the base lists built, new titled added will automatically appear on the store. By the end of the night I should have the entire store set up how I want it and it will just be a matter of adding new titles as folks post their data.

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R. H. Watson said:

This is a great idea. I just dropped the price to 99 cents. I assume it will take a day or two for the price change to show up.
No worries. I added the book. So long as the price is in effect by Monday when I start promoting it, we're golden.

Each Listmania list will remain active on Amazon after the sale is over. I'll just go change the names from 99 Cent indie (insert genre here) for Kindle to something else.

All the lists are visible on my Amazon profile for those that want to see them.

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OK, I have everyone added and have set up the base Listmania lists that will feed the astore. I also have set up the Reader Appreciation Page which will serve as the primary promotional page. This is the page I will be using in paid advertising and includes information on the other giveaways that are part of the event.

So you can check out the site and see how each section looks. As I said, I took the initiative to fill out catagories by adding a few titles I am aware of from the forum.

If anyone wants to piggyback on this and hold their own promotion in June, let me know and I will announce it in my June newsletter. But PM me with that info instead of posting to this thread.

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I edited the original post as it occured to me that folks may read ONLY the first post and then not realize I changed the rules.  ;D

*No print required.
*Book must be 99 cents at the start of the sales period and remain so for the month of June.
*Post your book info as requested above.
*Listmania lists will remain in place on Amazon after the sale is over.  I'll just change the names of the lists.
*The promotion will launch on Monday, but I will continue to add new titles during the sales period.  If you join the sale before Sunday, I will make sure to mention your participation in the June newsletter when it goes out. 

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Joyce DeBacco said:
Here's my info.

Title: Rubies and Other Gems - the Novel
Genre: women's fiction/time-travel
I don't have a catagory for women's fiction. Is the book paranormal romance or sci-fi? The book needs to fall under one of the pre-created catagories: horror, epic/high fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, spec fiction anthologies (multiple authors), and spec fiction collections (single author). If it falls under one of those, let me know which one and I will get it added!
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