From the KindleBoards Book Corner, we have a "real reader" recommendation from Kristan Hoffman for Tiny Beautiful Things.

This unique book is by Cheryl Strayed - whose memoir Wild is a best-seller. The book is a collection of letters sent to "Sugar," the once-anonymous advice columnist, now revealed to be Strayed. Her authentic, insightful responses have made her the person thousands turn to for advice. It's described as "a balm for everything life throws our way."

KindleBoards reader Kristan puts it this way: "It is equal parts advice and memoir, full of heart and grace and hard truths and simplicity and profundity and courage and… well, just about everything I aspire to, in both myself and my work. Sugar has a way of really seeing the letters that are sent to her - not through them or underneath them, but not just the surface of them either. She sees them like someone staring directly into the sun without squinting or blinking or going blind. Somehow she can do that. Somehow she sees that light, touches it, then radiates her own back into it."

The book is 370 pages, and has over 30 five-star reviews. Read a sample here or download your copy at Amazon!

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