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LOL... yes it is true.  I started selling at the end of November of last year and I have finally reached 500 sales!  I read all these people posting that share numbers and am always thrilled when someone sells so many books.  I personally know someone who has sold over 10,000 and that seems so far out of reach, but I also knew him when he sold 500 so nothing is impossible.  For me, to think that there are that many people that have read my words, well I am humbled.  I have yet to sell 100 books in a single month and my numbers go up and down quicker then a roller coaster but that's ok.  I sure didn't start writing to get rich, but I really enjoy it so a few dollars here and there will not make me complain.  I have met some fantastic people writing and I am glad that I was talked into taking a chance on self publishing. 

Happy Reading and Writing Everyone!
Bella Marie
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