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Gwen Hayes said:
It is perhaps because she is such a well known writer that maybe they don't feel the need to edit her as much? Or that perhaps different genres work differently in New York.
I do think it may be because of her name. In speaking to author friends, it seems the bigger the name, the less content editing the author gets. Whether that's because the author is more experienced and needs less in the way of content editing or because the editor feels hesitant to touch it (for fear of prima-donna syndrome -- no, I'm not saying KKR would be a prima donna if her work was edited), but it does that newer authors seem to get more in the way of content editing.

I haven't published with NY, but I've been on the receiving end when many of my friends have opened their revision letters and cried. The pages just bled with red pen, with hundreds or thousands of comments. Doesn't sound to me like they weren't getting content edited.

That being said, I also have several friends with certain publishing houses (it always seems to be the same houses over and over) who comment that they essentially have to turn in a perfect manuscript because their editor doesn't...well... edit. So I know some traditionally-published authors who have taken to hiring freelance editors BEFORE they turn in their manuscripts.
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