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If you're not sure about the various types of editors she references, her post last week explains them all.

I thought it was very interesting that she suggested that most writers could skip a developmental editor (unless you're already rich and know one of the good ones to hire), and to rely more on a network of trusted readers. And completely agree with her that a copyeditor and a proofreader are essential (the more skilled the better).

I think most of us dream about a developmental editor who will help us reach the pinnacle of our abilities, but most of the editors you'll run into are not going to do that. I know when I was magazine writing years ago I had one editor who was brilliant. My articles would come back from him, and somehow it seemed like exactly what I'd written, but a thousand times better than what I'd done. He made me far more excellent than I ever was. And I had another editor who was very good in that she was exceptionally clear about what she needed and how to turn it out. But beyond that the other half dozen I dealt with were very little help and sometimes actively a pain in the s***flake to deal with.

So Kris's post really resonated with me.
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