If you are looking for a book about a science fiction journey, look no further than Rebel Lexis!

Rebel Lexis (Rings Of Polaris Book 1), by Paul Alan
118 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 14 reviews

"The author has a brilliant writing style and really knows sci-fi and how to draw you into this dystopian future so that it feels like you are really there. I really enjoy depictions of earth many years into the future when we are more or less gone and this book really shows off how earth can become very alien and different to the world we know now. Jason Bjorn is a great character who is easy to relate to, he wants to get ahead in life like we all do but is he ready for the challenge that awaits him on earth?" -- Amazon Reviewer
Science Fiction Dystopian-Action/Romantic Journey

Jason Bjorn just wants to do his job and captain his ship, but when his employer-The Polaris Corporation-sends him on a trek across the wastelands of Earth where he encounters treachery, an ancient cult, and secrets that strike at the heart of Polaris' control over the planet.
Soon, fighting to stay alive is the least of his worries as he finds himself at the center of a conflict that could change everything with nobody on his side but SOFIA, the seductively independent operating system that runs his ship.

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I am a self published author, currently working on a saga called Rings of Polaris. Set thousand of years in the future, our world has become a desolate wasteland but all is not lost for Humanity has spread throughout the Galaxy, and still thrives. When it comes to world building, I tend to overlap my life's experience with my love for science. My wife say's I nerd out in my writing; so I recommend you have an open mind to science when you read my books, and for the inquisitive person, be Google ready for some terminology. That being said, I try to make my words flow so one can easily understand the content being read. Also, readers will find love, and passion among the pages between the two main characters. Although most memorable, the steamy romance scenes are less than 1% of each novella, the love they share defines their relationship throughout this Science Fiction-Dystopian-Action/Adventure.

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