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Regency authors -- good places for stock photos?

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Where do you get your stock photos for Regency-era covers? I should note that I don't want a sexy clinch shot.
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They do have some clinch shots, but some aren't.
This one does have more of the lovers embracing variety, but there are some single person stock photos too. You need to register to see them all (it's free to register)

Have you tried searching for regency as the keyword in places like,, etc.? They are bound to have something.

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We got a Regency cover using their stock from Hot D*amn Designs. It was a clinch, but I think Kim has some that aren't. The prices for stock are pretty reasonable, too. I'd link but the KB filters tend to be overly aggressive even with urls and will likely deaden the link by throwing in an asterisk.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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