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Vegas_Asian said:
Registration for the spring semester began, but I had to wait for my day to register (based on last name). So today was my day to register and my mom came into my room this morning at 10 o'clock freaking out at the fact that I had yet to get up to go to the college and register for my classes. Little did she know that I got up at 8 o'clock (my designated time for early registering), grabbed my laptop on the table next to me (on sleep and already at the college website), typed in my class codes, and hit confirm. Within two minutes, I could have been back asleep with no problem, but I had to stop by the kindleboard for a couple of minutes. I could have also paid for my classes with a credit card, if I wanted. It took me awhile to explain everything to my mom, who went to college over twenty years ago.
I remember waiting on a separate line for each class I wanted ;)
1 - 2 of 60 Posts
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