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Vellum Publishing, Inc., a digital publishing company featuring new and exciting e-books for’s Kindle reader, announces the release of THE SIGN OF THE GUARDIAN, a thriller in which a chimp who has been scientifically trained to speak to humans using sign language is suspected of vicious murders on Fire Island.

“We’re very fortunate to have acquired the rights to this book and to be able to offer it at this time as a digital release,” said Chet Meyer, President of Vellum Publishing, Inc.  “THE SIGN OF THE GUARDIAN by John Arthur Long has previously been released by TOR Books in two separate sold-out editions, and can now be read in digital form by readers with a Kindle by downloading the novel and having it on their device in little over a minute.”

Meyer went on to explain that this prompt release illustrates the wonder of and advantage to digital publishing.  With the recent savage chimp attack in Connecticut and the subsequent New York Post cartoon causing such a news stir, a topical novel like THE SIGN OF THE GUARDIAN would normally take months to ready and release through the traditional ink-and-paper publishing process.  However, shortly after the news stories broke, Long and Vellum Publishing worked tirelessly to update the novel and prepare it for the reading public.

“This is an excellent example of how Vellum Publishing Inc. intends to provide relevant books in digital form for owners of the Kindle reader,” Meyer stated. 

To read more about THE SIGN OF THE GUARDIAN and other digital books from Vellum Publishing, Inc. go to where descriptions, book covers, and direct links to the Kindle store can be found.  As the Vellum Publishing, Inc. motto states, “When mainstream publishing finally went digital, we were already there.”
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