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Hello Kboards,
I'm thrilled to announce the release today of my 2nd and 3rd books from my epic Greek mythical fantasy Azure series. Novels available now for purchase!

And to celebrate the release, both books are priced low at $2.99. And, Book 1, Cora: Rise of the Fallen Goddess, is on sale at $0.99 in all retailers.

Cora: Rise of the Fallen Goddess
Buy: Available now at your favorite digital store!
Azure Blue
Buy: Available now at your favorite digital store!
Coral Red
Buy: Available now at your favorite digital store!

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Azure Blue, Book II:
An immortal race freed by death and defiance of the gods.

Hundreds of years of peace have reigned since the treaty between the Amazon nymphs and the gods of Mount Olympus. The edict forbids the Amazon nymphs to leave their isle of Azure Blue. But Azure Blue is threatened as the continent of Atala is fractured by war.

As nymph queen Delia grieves the death of the king who once united them, her unruly daughter, Avva, wishes to mourn him in her own way. Avva plans a flyover with her unicorn beyond the Strait of Azure. Such hubris forces sacrifice. Nymphs fall to the Underworld.

In the depths, they find Cora, the goddess Persephone. And Cora might be the only goddess willing to risk her family’s wrath and help them. After all, Cora has fallen from Azure Blue before.

Azure Blue is Book II in the Azure Series. Although tied to Cora: Rise of the Fallen Goddess, this is a standalone novel taking place centuries later. Some spoilers cannot be avoided, but this novel can be enjoyed without reading the first novel.

Coral Red, Book III (on preorder):
The immortal shall die by the will of Persephone.

Greek triremes approach the shores of Cassandra’s Amazon nymph kingdom threatening a sea battle. At a young age, Cassandra is forced to defend Azure Blue. If Cassandra cannot stave off invasion, Zeus shall finally have victory over the nymphs.

Meanwhile the young Greek hero Theseus Aegeus tries to lay claim to Athens. His father, the sea god Poseidon, orders him to complete a series of tasks. While completing one, Theseus meets Cassandra in Atlantis. He is struck by the queen’s strength, beauty and righteousness. Unlike his people, he does not wish her or her people harm. But can the couple do anything to avert a war that’s been building for centuries?

No matter what the outcome, everyone will have to contend with Cora. And no one, not god, man, hero, nymph, nor even the goddess herself can douse a fire stewing in the depths of Persephone’s heart.

Happy reading!

Best regards,
A.L. Hawk
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