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Patrizia said:
Just a reminder from Deadline is tomorrow.. they will not take any more orders after that until Jan 14. (They are a small company and close for the holidays)

The website will be open but nothing will be processed after tomorrow.. they are in Pacific time if that helps.
Patrizia, I ordered a cover today and this was on their website:

OBERON VACATION SCHEDULE - Last Oberon web site order day is Dec. 21st. Last shipping day for 2008 is Dec. 22nd. We take a traditional inventory & vacation period every year between Dec. 23th, reopening on Jan. 12th, 2009. Feel free to place orders on our site but we will not begin to ship orders until the 15-16th of January. THANK YOU!

SHIPPING TIMES FOR YOUR ORDER - We make all our leather items " to order ". This can take from 2-4 working week days depending on the item. It will then ship from CA to your state, taking any where from 2-6 weekdays.

Just thought I'd share.......
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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