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Removing a book from my author's page

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A while ago I took Joe Konrath's 8 hour book challenge. While I enjoyed it I was stupid and published that book under my real name. The book did surprisingly well. Sold about 100 copies and learned a lot about self publishing. But it got many bad reviews. I think the final rating was 1.5 average. I have pulled the book and it is no longer available for purchase. Al thought the listing is impossible to remove. I understand that.

I am now finished and I am ready to publish my first real book. The problem is I don't want my real writing career assisted with that old book. Is it possible to get it pulled from my authors page or would it be better to just publish my new book under a pen name?

Link to the challenge:
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I've had another writer's book (with one x 1 star review) on my author page for about two years and have given up trying to get it removed. I just hope no one thinks it's mine written under a pseudonym  ::)
Would "unpublish" remove the book?
Are you talking about an ebook or a print edition? If ebook, unpublishing the ebook will remove it from sale and it will no longer be listed on Amazon. It will continue to be listed on your KDP dashboard, but will be visible to no one but you.

If it's a print book, you can "retire" it through Createspace to stop selling new copies, but it will continue to be listed on Amazon as an out of print book. I've never heard of any way to have a retired print book removed altogether from Amazon. I think you pretty much have to live with it or switch names. But. I don't think you need to worry much about that old book holding you back. Plenty of top-selling authors have retired books listed on their pages and it doesn't seem to hurt anything.  The low reviews might give people pause, but if they're about to buy your new book, it's mainly that new book and it's reviews they'll be focusing on - not reviews on your old book.
Yes, removing a print book would be hard.
Amazon likes to keep that listing active for its used book market.
However, there has to be a way to remove print books.
For example, the major travel guides (Lonely Planet, Fodors, etc) come out with new editions every year.
But I don't think previous editions are kept in the system.
Perhaps you have to be one of the major publishers with clout.
Thanks for the feedback. You were all correct that setting an ebook only book to unpublished removed it from my author's page. Thank you all for your help.

Now to get my new book out.
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