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Removing an Ink Stain on a Light-Colored Leather Case

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During a recent sale at M-Edge, I picked up a Kindle 2 Platform Jacket for my PRS-950.  The price was surprising, the condition quite good and the fit impeccable.  

Unfortunately, during a test run, a waiter surprised me with the roller-tipped pen and check dish.  

I now have an ink line straight across one of the sides when the case stands open.  If the leather were dark brown, I wouldn't mind as much.  But this is the only case I own in a lighter color and I find the stain distracting.

Water doesn't seem to phase it; soap is a form of amusement for it.

Question:  Does anyone know how to remove or minimize an ink stain in light-colored leather?  

Has this happened to anyone else with a leather Kindle case?
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I have removed ink stains with hairspray on several items.  I would try a very small spot and spray it on a cloth to do it.

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