This is the first book in a Sci-Fi steampunk trilogy. A fun and imaginative read, full of action and intriguing characters. 99 cents today!

"If HG Wells had foretold the X-men, while scribbling out his frenzied notes on a Turkish manuscript in a smoky opium den, it would be almost as cool as this book." -- Amazon reviewer
Requiem (The Eternal Gateway Book One), by SB Jones

The Mage Council has been disbanded. The ruling class for a thousand years is dissolved after the War of Antiquities and technology gives rise to a new era.

Kail Kelly, a young man who has spent his life on his aunt and uncle's farm, finds himself in the middle of a desperate power grab by the last ruler of the Mage Council and a time traveling mage known as The Guardian who is trying to prevent the world from falling to darkness.

Angela Atagi, the mysterious woman born a thousand years in the past who also has the unique ability to fly, is given a second chance by The Guardian if she plays her part in the prophecy.

With the help of an unlikely group thrown together by The Guardian, including the captain of a prototype airship, they set about unlocking hidden powers on a journey that takes them across the world and to the edge of time.

Includes the first nine chapters of book two, Guardian.

The Eternal Gateway trilogy by SB Jones is a science fiction, steampunk adventure with time travel and fantasy elements.

Book one: Requiem, now available.
Book two: Guardian, now available.
Book three: Sentinel, now available.

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