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Now on Kindle, in the Unlimited program until June 10th:


Double-crossed and tossed 1000 years into the future, Keata Windstalker goes from a time when magic and science are strong and civilization is at a height, to one that reminds her of a medieval novel. Her gut tells her she can fix this, but her memories are fractured and her perception of reality is chaotic. Stranger yet, she suspects the current global leader is someone she knows.

Opening preview:

"Keata tucked a stray cluster of wavy black and tan hair back behind an ear and tried to look casual. The research floor of the Isuludan Powers Council was unusually busy for pre-dawn, but it was the nervous glances, out-right stares, and the odd smirk from other employees that made the hair on the back of her head want to stand up.
She continued down a long grey corridor past small doors and matching grey rooms. Someone fell into step behind her. She fought the instinct to shift into her natural form, continuing as a human instead.
"What's with all the activity?" she said, not turning.
"Big day for you. Jerscal's decided to test that weather machine. He's convinced Leathan to call everyone in." The familiar voice of her co-worker, Pardra, said. "Says he wants you at the control table, and things will fail if it's not you." He continued quieter, seemingly to himself, "Everyone likes a pet, I guess."
She ignored his muttering, knowing Jerscal was her main concern. He cut corners, forcing people to scramble to correct whatever the oversight was. Five of his seven previous assistants had died of unnatural causes - invisible acid baths, tectonic ruptures, that sort of thing. One poor fellow thought himself safe because it was an indoor experiment... then found himself uncomfortably leaning through a wall, his midsection surrounded by plaster, before expiring.
"Want me to stall them?" He asked."

You can find it at: but it's in all the Amazon digital stores.

Thank you!

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