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So I released a nonfiction book (under pen name) at full price this month.  It was wide. I created an email list for a press release on the book and targeted organizations and people who would be interested.  I also promoted with one FB ad a week prior, and on my new social media accounts for the pen name.

The book was selected for a BB Featured New Release within a niche category which had about 200k subscribers.  I kept it at full price everywhere; $9.99 for ebook and $29 for paperback (reference/encyclopedia book with 600 pages).

On the release date, I sold 16 copies on Amazon and made around $158.  (The promo price was $80 with BB).  That was enough to take the book to #1 in 2 categories for 2 days.
Day 2 I sold about 5 books on Amazon.  There has been no tail.

I have a super-targeted press release going out in January, and I'm creating another super-targeted list to also use.

So as you can see, I certainly didn't have the sales a .99 book would have, but I made double what I paid for in my BB ad, so that is cool.  Still using BB click ads to promote.
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