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Returning Kindle Fire 8.9

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Tomorrow I am returning the Fire HE 8.9. Several people here have been very helpful answering questions and providing advice. I really appreciate it!!  Tomorrow I will provide my thoughts on the Fire. I think I owe it to those helpful people here.

Is there a way that will reset this box back to the moment it arrived? I mean no emails or logon information, no movies, no books, no internet history, no applications, etc. Nothing!

I guess I should deregister it also.

Thank You!
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Swipe down to go to settings.

More > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults will return it to its new-born condition.

More > My Account  > Deregister  to deregister.

Sorry it didn't work out for you, Feynman.  No one device is right for everyone!  But you can keep hanging out with us!

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