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I bought my first M-Edge Executive Jacket just over a year ago for my 1st-generation Kindle. I found the quality excellent, and although my Kindle doesn't travel much, having it in a case which I can close up and feel that my Kindle is well protected whether just lying around the house or during travels is great peace of mind.

My DX cover just arrived this morning, and as expected, it appears to be another excellently constructed product. Just like the DX itself is to the Kindle, this cover is very much the "super-sized" version of my previous cover. It has the wonderfully soft exterior leather and cushioned interior with three small business card pockets and one larger pocket behind them. It also has a pen holder.

One improvement I noticed over my previous cover is that now both of the upper grips for the Kindle are elastic bands, where as before only the upper right was. The two lower corners of the device are held by little "pockets" for lack of a better word which provide sturdy, steady support for the DX. With the two elastic bands at the top, it's easier for me to get my Kindle firmly into place. Because of the added size required to hold the DX, I was a bit worried about the weight, since the heavier an item is, the harder it will be for me to manipulate with my disability. But even with both the DX and it's M-Edge cover, it seems to weigh little more than a full spiral-bound notebook, and significantly less than a textbook or reference book.

I have not seen the Amazon brand DX cover personally, but from what I've read, it is still as disappointing as the cover that came with my original Kindle. It's just as well that Amazon has not included a standard cover this time, because for the very same price as the Amazon cover, I think most will find the M-Edge brand covers far superior in both form and functionality.

If you are a Kindle owner or are about to become one, I highly recommend that you give serious thought to the M-Edge covers. They will provide both the protection and the elegant style that I think you'll want for your pricey but wonderful new toy.
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