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REVIEW: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

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This is a great legal thriller. There's a lot about the life of a criminal defense lawyer who does his best for his clients, even the guilty ones. Threads that seem irrelevant somehow come together in a well-crafted scenario that works at the very end.

Painting with a very broad brush, the story is structurally similar to the Earl Stanley Gardner novels I read a long time ago: The first half presents the complications that make you wonder how the heck the hero, Mickey Haller by name, will see justice done; the second half is dominated by the action in court. The ending is more complex than a typical Perry Mason, but it completely fits the way a modern criminal law thriller should work. Michael Connelly shows he can do lawyers as well as cops.

5 stars.
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Solid review. Thanks for posting it
I really enjoyed Lincoln Lawyer too.  IMHO, it is the best of the Micky Haller books.  It introduces the character, Micky Haller, and I love the character in this book.  In later books, I think the character loses some of his uniqueness, which is disappointing.
I liked Lincoln Lawyer too - the book and the movie.    I've always enjoyed legal thrillers that include court action .. and this one provided both.  I have read some of Connelly's other books - but I think I enjoy the Haller character  the most.
I'm going to start reading this series as well as his Harry Bosch detective series. I just got a book signed by the author at a recent writer's conference, so that inspired me to check the series out. Glad to see your positive review.
Enjoyed the movie. Guess I'll try the novel.
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