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Reviews on Amazon, and why I LOVE 'em!

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Okay, this is time for me (and you) to crow about GOOD reviews. No b*tching about negative reviews. I see too many of those on kboards, and besides, it's sunny here in ye olde England (Wow! Yes it does sometimes happen.) I feel happy, so I want to share with you my latest review, and also plug my book of course!

So this is for Hard Duty (permafree, go get it!) on Amazon:

Breath holding action
I really enjoyed this book. What an imagination!! Reading this is almost like a dream.When you stop it's like waking up.
I swear this is true, and I didn't even tell you it was 5star (oops) ;D
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I am fond of this one:

The story is told in first person, which I always enjoy, and we really get a good look at a man who has grown up in slavery. He comes out not exactly whole, and he went through some pretty horrible stuff that explains why. His intentions are good, but his callousness toward human life gets him in some tuff situations. There were some great lines from him that managed to get me to smile. Because of the sure enjoyment I found in Saul's voice, I would definitely pick up the second book
Congrats on the review.

The best reviews come from children ;D.

This review is from: Mystery at Ocean Drive (teen action adventure) (Kindle Edition)

The book had a good mystery to it and I love mysteries really good book I think you should read it

This review is from: Mystery at Ocean Drive (teen action adventure) (Kindle Edition)

I thought she was a ghost but she turned out to be girl who was stolen omg that was good.
I can't complain about this short but sweet 5 star review of TimeStorm:

"Beautifully written, great characters, strong storyline, what is not to love? This book is an all time favourite."
This was my favourite:

I read this book twice and it was just as good the second time. -snip- Amity I would love to crawl though your mind and see all the beautiful thoughts you have stored there. You keep writing I'll keep reading
She has turned out to be my mega fan, interacting with me on social media, talking up my books, and showing up at every FB party and online promotional event I do.
Jan Hurst-Nicholson said:
This review is from: Mystery at Ocean Drive (teen action adventure) (Kindle Edition)

I thought she was a ghost but she turned out to be girl who was stolen omg that was good.
I hope she added a spoiler alert! Kid reviews are the best.
Augusta Blythe said:
I hope she added a spoiler alert! Kid reviews are the best.
Spoilers are always a risk with reviews. I've had some that read like a synopsis of every plot point and reveals the killer or the mystery too!
I have a few where people said they woke up with their kindle's outline imprinted on their face because they were trying to finish one more chapter before they fell asleep.  Those are my favorite ones. :)
I'll bite Mark,

I received this from one of your countrymen just a few hours ago.

5.0 out of 5 stars Book review of Closure, 19 April 2015
XXXX XXXXX - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Closure: Jack Randall #1 (Kindle Edition)
One if the best books I have ever read... full of fact and feeling... on to the next one as soon as I finish this review
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I hope it was the book but now I'm worrying that its just the sunny weather. Thanks buddy!  ;D
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This one has always been one of my favorites, because the reason I felt it important to write my series was for people just like this:

"Growing up, I've found solace in many a fantasy novel and dreamed of myself one day becoming a hero. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I had trouble relating to a hero who gets the girl and saves the day. Imagine what a treat it would have been to come across a story told as beautifully as this one and being able to relate to it on a fundamental level?

While this novel has all the cliches of all fantasy novels--the young farmer becoming something greater than himself--it goes about it in a way that truly captures one's attention. I fell so in love with the characters and was absorbed so thoroughly that I felt I was watching a movie unfold.

The descriptions weren't overdone and the dialogue wasn't stilted. Everything flowed far smoother than even some of the most famous fantasy novels out there. Truly a talented writer and I can't help but look forward to reading more from this author."

When I'm having a bad day, I reread this review and it always makes me smile. :)
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My favorite:

"L.L. Akers has once again delivered a powerfully emotional and riveting story with twists that left me gasping and/or bawling...(2nd novel) is well-written, well-paced, and kept me guessing. It was also able to evoke such powerful emotions in me. At one point, I literally put my ereader down and bawled. I also appreciate Ms. Akers' ability to take on touchy subjects with such aplomb, and to weave such thought-provoking and compelling stories around them."

This was from a blogger that had read the first novel on a blog tour...she became a fan and read the next one on her own, and still keeps in touch. It's my favorite because the book-bloggers can be particularly tough on Romantic me...I know.  :'(
This is a 5 star review from So Wonderful as Want, the book I'm currently promoting on Kindle Countdown with little success.

"All Dinah wants is to get away from her small backwoods shack and live the good life in a large town with a fine husband, a beautiful house, and servants to cater to her every whim. When a traveling salesman gets her pregnant, her dreams are shattered. Or are they? Through a series of large life events, Dinah holds tightly to her youthful dream of living the good life and plans to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Will it mean losing the one man that loves her or her children?

I have to admit, this is unlike any other romance I've read. I was captivated right away by the down to earth spirits of the characters. It didn't take more than a few pages for them to become dear people that I cared about. I had a little adjustment with the time period just because I'm not familiar with it. I always associated the early 1900's with frontiers and villages and farms. It's a little difficult for me to get into spit curls and stock crashes.

Dinah's journey is not one you'll want to miss. Though there were several times I wanted to crawl into the book and smack some sense into her, she's a strong, capable woman who I'm glad to have gotten to know. The book spans nearly 20 years of her life. Sadly, it takes her that long to learn a lesson. Sometimes, wanting something is much more consuming than actually having what you want.

You'll find murder, intrigue, romance, politics and outright laughter between these pages. Don't be fooled though, no one is safe from DeBacco's harsh pen. Just when you're getting comfortable, she pulls the rug out from under you and you have to readjust to the story. Exquisitely done."
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Thanks for the opening, Mark. Here is my favorite for my TRIANGLE OF HOPE:

"An artist uses many paint brushes to create a work of art. The colors blend and move the observer in deep thought and transitions to an epiphany - a realization of the artist concept. Michael Meyer is such an artist. He uses words to move and grasp a reader into a world filled with color, love and hope. I do not write spoiler reviews, but I will tell you this much, the characters are as real as you and I. You will be in every scene and feel every emotion. An epiphany washed over me and I felt as if I was a part of all this. This very well could be the best book I've read of 2014."
Just one of my favorites for The Invisible Chains - Part 3: Bonds of Blood

"This has ended up one of my favorite fantasy series, exemplifying why I love this genre. I read so much fantasy, but this is a story that will stay with me, thanks in large part to the grueling journey we undergo with these two brothers. No other fantasy series I've read goes this far in delving into the psychological impact of crime, guilt, punishment, expiation, and redemption from the perspective of both the offender and the victim. As painful as the process is, as sorry as I felt for Ehandar, I had to remind myself that his was no small crime--and what Ashling does with it is just so complex and unexpected, revealing dimensions in both boys' natures that could never be revealed in any other context. Their harrowing private conflict is set against an amazing canvas of epic battles, dynastic maneuverings, and a host of memorable characters (including the peerless Ryhunzo, alias pookie, and his great love, Rahendo). The writing has just gotten better, and amazingly, the next series, The Invisible Hands, which continues their story, is better still.

This is definitely for fantasy addicts, but for that lucky group of readers, you are in for a hell of a ride."
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I do not accept VerticalScope's Terms Of Service on Kboards, and have asked for my account to be deleted, along with all of my posts.

If you are here as a result of a Google search, leave now. The owners of this site are interested only in your possible ad revenue.
Whenever I start feeling low about things, I pull up this review from Post Pattern and it always brightens my day:

"This is my first David Chill novel and it certainly won't be the last. I loved it. Plenty of mystery with a nice blend of humor and touch of romance tossed in for good measure. Good plot that moved along well with no flat spots. Burnside is a hoot. This is a must read."
I love this thread! It's awesome hearing so much praise from fans. My best one ever is:

"No Such Thing as Werewolves is an extremely clever novel with a very unique and impressive plot, delivered at a gripping pace that will have you hooked from start to finish.

"I found myself thinking many times while reading how impressed I was with how the plot was progressing and the way everything was tying together. This novel totally grabbed me and didn't let go, I didn't want it to finish and upon finishing I immediately wanted more. So much happens between the pages of this book and I honestly had no idea where the story was going to go, it wasn't even slightly predictable. It's a very mixed genre with everything from horror, to thriller, to sci fi, to mystery, really it's got it all and it works, boy does it work. It's non stop action right from the start and it doesn't let up right till the last page.

"The character development was great, the back story and the progression of the characters really fleshed them out and made them all stand out. The dialogue was well done and I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. The writing style, well lets just say that I'm not a huge fan of stories with military and gun talk etc but I was totally hooked in this case, that says a lot about how well the author told the story and kept me turning those pages. The mythology, history, back story, plot, everything really, was fascinating and really made the book one that stood out for me. I honestly don't think I could write a review that would do this book justice."
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Great thread idea! :)

When I feel down I always read this one, it's my all time favorite:

When multiple POVs work in a novel, it creates something really incredible. We are able to gain so much insight into the story, from different perspectives. Some novels can't even make two perspectives work, yet Priscila Santa Rosa was able to master five. The characters are all unique enough, with voices true to their personality, that it makes for brilliant transitions. I was never confused as to who was talking or what scene I was reading. All of the characters in the novel have equal weight in the story. It's not often that books have an all-star cast. Through these character's narratives, we are able to get different realistic reactions to something as insane as a zombie outbreak. Some of them are prepared to handle it, while some have to make a very quick transition.

The character work really is spectacular. Not only is there a strong female lead. There's three of them. Plus, they are strong in a way that's realistic and true to their characters. I absolutely loved how realistic the actions and dialogue were. It makes these personalities seem like real people, instead of words on a page. I really enjoyed how intertwined all of the stories were, in some cases, even from the very beginning. To me, that's some of the most realistic writing, as it's very true to life. There are so many different paths we cross, not even realizing how important it will become. The characters really make the novel.
One day I'll have a review and be able to post it here! Until then, I'll be reading those people put here :p.
One of my faves:

A bit weird
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