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Yes, you read that right.

First, there was "Beacon", which was intended to be a stand-alone story with a somewhat-remote chance of being expanded upon someday. But it was first written to stand as a whole piece itself.

Reader feedback compelled me to serialize it. I just released Part II today, and now I'm wondering if I should go back and change the ebook of the (now) Part I to link to the Beacon Saga's official page on my site.

I'm interested in your thoughts, particularly what would be the most tasteful way to do so within the book file, if you think adding such a link is a good idea.

Also -- when referring to a serial collectively -- you don't italicize the name, do you? The individual parts are named "Beacon - Part X" and so forth. Do we italicize Beacon Saga?

Oh -- and yes, I've already gone back and listed the books as part of a series on Amazon. (Since my only title in select is Part I, I haven't uploaded the others to the other markets just yet).
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