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Just finished Screamcatcher: Sasquatch Most Monstrous, fourth in series. Agent has it.
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Yes, I did, and I took a 5-Star review and badge a ways back. But I just NOW found out that I hit the bronze medal for YA horror. I'm still shocked. I prayed that I would be a finalist or runner up. But I have to admit that I did want to place on the Wind Dancer Film committee list for a discussion and an option. I did some really nosy digging and found out through my primary reviewer and judge that my book was pushed to W D but they probably decided that the CGI and location shooting required for my book was out of their spending range. Wind Dancer's picks (10 total) seemed to be romances, a thriller or two, and rom-coms--baseline budgets from 20 to 40 million dollars for production costs, thereabouts my guess. The Award ceremony was to be held in Miami, but due to the virus, it has been postponed until 2021, which will make it a huge, double-tap event. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I probably won't make it there. Might not even be alive by then. Guh.

Curious. Javelin, did you enter? Do you have any questions? You are correct that the review is free and it's a wonderful perk if you pull a four or five star. You get the virtual badge and logo.

I entered in the category of Young Adult, and an additional genre of Urban fantasy. Yet they ended up placing me in the horror category, because to them, that is where it actually belonged. It's their discretionary choice to do so. I'm glad they caught my flub. 

Their message and contact system is so over-loaded (currently) with traffic that I couldn't get through to verify my address for the medal, certificate form and other perks. You can get the free medal via mail and also get another on the stage at the ceremony.

Now, I noticed that those authors who did not have agents or publishers, were primarily the ones who took the cash prizes. The cash prizes are not cash, they are programs that have certain dollar amount values, and the total outlay is around $95,000.

There's no doubt that it's a blistering competition, but it also has about 150 (I think it is) categories and genres to enter.

Anyway, any current or past winners out there now? I'd like to gab at you via email about some things.

This is my third award win for my first book in the series. I have no idea what kind of effect this will have on sales or branding me. I tend to stay reserved until the media beats a path to my door.

I'm also in the Eric Hoffer and New Generation Indie Awards contests--winners of those will be announced at the end of May 2021.

Funny thing though: I'm still convinced that I'll have to win a Pulitzer to sell this damn book at 99 cents. That is how bad this system/industry can steamroll over you. Yet, I am honored and greatly humbled at the same time.
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