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New from ReAnimus Press: TRIAX by Robert Silverberg, James Gunn, Keith Roberts, Jack Vance

ReAnimus Press Store: (available in both ebook and paperback)
Amazon: Triax

Three original short science fiction novels by legends in the genre: Jack Vance, James Gunn, and Keith Roberts, edited by Robert Silverberg.

Freitzke's Turn by Jack Vance: A classic Vance tale with beautifully imagined worlds, tracing the exploits of a future detective's inter-galactic search for evil. Miro Hetzel is an Effectuator -- a high end private investigator --hired to find one of his ex-classmates, Faurence Dacre, known for his dangerous temper and wanted for having done monstrous things on many worlds.

If I Forget Thee by James Gunn: A beautiful and haunting tale of a man seeking love and forgiveness. Jeri, a world-class surgeon, has lost his nerve -- and his memory. He keeps having dreams where he is tortured. But by whom, and why? And are they dreams?

Molly Zero by Keith Roberts: The harrowing story of two young lovers coming of age in a sinister, totalitarian, Orwellian, cyberpunk-esque future. Molly Zero feels different than the others, and tries to navigate her way in a bleak, rigid life: to conform and be safe, or to escape, to unknown danger?

Lots more new books from ReAnimus Press - see the list at
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