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... I think not! Especially if you can get a taste of it for only $3.19.

And even better; if the romance is wrapped around a thrilling hunt through Russia and deeper in to the far east where an American clandestine operative tracks a bunch of Russian Mafia thugs who smuggle drugs and plan for worse.

Mia Trentino is the top relocating specialist at Worldmove, Inc., and her latest assignment is sending her to Siberia, Russia. But the new job comes with a new partner-a handsome threat to her career named Douglas Farland.

After a rocky start, the job is going well, and things begin to heat up between Mia and Douglas. Then, lies and secrets begin to surface that make Mia suspect her new partner might have a different agenda. What seemed like a simple relocation erupts into a cat-and-mouse game of intrigue full of drug smuggling, secret agents, and the Red Mafia. Suddenly Mia's in a fight for her life, and she may have to trust the one person who seems the most to blame.

So, go ahead: post your "bi-gender readable" romantic suspense and thriller here. And guys: I'd like to hear what you think about reading action-packed 'girl-stuff'.
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