Check out the enthused reader reviews for this unique fantasy! Smart and funny, Rough Magick bubbles with the sharply-conceived fantasy world of Sullenor, full of both charm and dark realism -- and lovingly populated with unforgettable gnomes.

Rough Magick (GnomeSaga Book 1), by Kenny Soward
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416 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 27 reviews

"I didn't know what to expect when I picked this up, but I'm glad I did. Dark and provocative, these aren't your grandma's garden gnomes. There's intrigue and magic and battles and even love, all layered with captivating characterization and excellent prose that had me rooting for the underdogs from the moment they appeared. Rough Magic is an unexpected gem, shining in the literary darkness." -- Amazon reviewer
"4.5 STARS. The action scenes are wonderfully bloody, ruthless and rough. The magic system differed nicely from others. It was great to read about necromancy, thaumaturgy, polymagic...the three schools of gnomish magic (Beakerheads, Technocrats and Neverminders) etc. Kenny Soward is an excellent storyteller and writes from his heart. In my opinion he's an author to watch [and] I'm personally looking forward to reading the sequel, because ROUGH MAGICK is such an entertaining fantasy book!" -Seregil of Rhiminee,

NIKSABELLA the gnome has tinkered in the shadows for years, developing an invention that might change the world-even if she doesn't know it. She has few friends and even fewer allies in Hightower, where social and academic status is crucial.

Her brother, NIKSELPIK, is an obstinate wizard who drinks heavily, sings dirty songs, and makes unmannerly passes at gnomestresses. A dark addiction consumes him, giving him increased power while also pushing him closer to death.

Dark, otherworldy creatures, foreign to the lands of SULLENOR, have suddenly appeared, making chaos wherever they go. In the wake of this, Niksabella must fight to protect her life and her invention, while Nikselpik engages the enemy as an unlikely counselor to Hightower's military elite. Will the gnomish siblings find their true powers together, or perish apart? And will they overcome the wounds of their childhood before it's too late?

ROUGH MAGICK is book one in the GnomeSaga trilogy by fantasy standout Kenny Soward. It continues in book two, TINKERMAGE (December 2014), and concludes in COGWEAVER (February 2015).

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Meet the Author

Kenny Soward grew up in Crescent Park, Kentucky, a small suburb just south of Cincinnati, Ohio, listening to hard rock and playing outdoors. In those quiet 1970's streets, he jumped bikes, played Nerf football, and acquired many a childhood scar.

Kenny's love for books flourished early, a habit passed down to him by his uncles. He burned through his grade school library, and in high school spent many days in detention for reading fantasy fiction during class.

The transition to author was a natural one for Kenny. His sixth grade teacher encouraged him to start a journal, and he later began jotting down pieces of stories, mostly the outcomes of D&D gaming sessions. At the University of Kentucky, Kenny took creative writing classes under Gurny Norman, former Kentucky Poet Laureate and author of Divine Rights Trip (1971).

Kenny's latest releases are ROUGH MAGIC (GnomeSaga #1) and THOSE POOR, POOR BASTARDS (Dead West #1) with Tim Marquitz and J.M. Martin.

By day, Kenny works as a Unix professional, and at night he writes and sips bourbon. Kenny lives in Independence, Kentucky, with three cats and a gal who thinks she's a cat.

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