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Runners! Walkers!

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My wife and I are doing a lot of walking (her) and running (me) thanks to Raney (our newly acquired dog). And, my wife is training for the 60-mile 3-day walk for cancer this fall.

This is a thread for walking and running - tips, ideas, motivations, equipment, routes, whatever!!
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Never one to do things ill-equipped, my wife just purchased a Garmin 305. She unboxed it today. I hope she'll let me borrow it - - it's pretty sophisticated. Anybody else have one / seen one?

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OK  I need to get in the loop.  What is it?

A friend of mine has a Garmin, it is a GPS.

Kindlewidow's looks like a watch.
Heart monitor and ? I've been thinking about getting a heart monitor of some sort but have also been thinking it's more of a gadget than I need at my current level of un-fitness.
It has a GPS and maps exactly where you go on your walk or run. It displays the map of where you've gone right on the device, and you can upload the route to the web as well.

It also comes with a heart rate monitor, which wirelessly connects to the wristband to display your current heart rate.

The 305 is quite bulky, but we're hoping it works better than the iPhone app that we've been trying to use to map our runs. The GPS reception in that is pretty sketchy, at least in wooded trails.
That sounds like a terrific gadget. Let us know how it works for mapping those runs. If I get much into hiking around here, that would be a great thing to have.
I need to start running on a more consistant basis.  I play soccer but I hate to run.  I was thinking that running on trails vs on paved streets may be enough to motivate me.  I've found that the hardest part is just getting out the door!

Cool GPS, Harvey.  If she lets you borrow it, will she get it back?
I used to be a walker and my most essential piece of equipment was my IPod with a playlist of upbeat music.
Yes, the hardest part of running is getting the ten feet from your bed to your running shoes. Once you've made that ten foot stretch, you're golden.
That's a nice device, I do a lot of walking and it might come in handy.  I rarely run because I have bad knees.
I like my ipod, the dsi has a tracking goal setting device, Harvey I liked your Iphone mapping. there are multiple tracking programs for PC I use Pegasus program. Tracking is a visual commitment that helps me and listening to podcasts keep me entertained. Do be carefull with ears covered cars can sneak up on you or if you are here  in AK the moose and bears can sneak up on you (its really you on them).
I used to run, didn't start until in my 40's and ran quite a few races, even won ribbons in a couple in my age group.  When we moved here I would run, alone, but finally graduated to walking.  I walk with my dogs 5+ days a week, with my pedometer, 8,000-10,000 steps. I hate to admit tho some days I don't do that much  :'(  I am an advocate of walking, love it in fact.  Hated running!  It would take me a mile or more before I was comfortable with it, but still hated every step.
Running is hard to ind motivation, it takes a special person to run long distance (2 miles or more). I sue to do it and now hate it. Get a good pair of shoes with nice gels and stay hydrated.
I ran for 20 years until about 1996.  I was getting too many injuries and didn't want to end up needing knee surgery like so many people I know.  My knees are pretty run down.  I swim laps regularly -- about 45 min.-1 hr. at a time.

I loved running though.  It cleared my head after work.  I still walk to go most places, since I'm in the city, and I love that too.
I ran the Vancouver International marathon in 2000, and haven't done distance-running since. I have kept up with shorter runs, 3 miles or so.

Lately I've been thinking I'd like to build up to doing a long run on the weekends again.
I'm trying to get started walking or running or whatever :)

I haven't used these much, but I do see that you can import garmin info.
Harvey ~ I have done the walk so following the training schedule they put out is really good. Remember to stretch before and after walking. Stay hydrated. I trained with my ipod music is a wonderful motivator. Have your wife post on the 3day message boards to train with other walkers.
Dawn if you are new to running check out the Couch to 5K training plan. You can get a printed version at or a great podcast (that's how I did it) in iTunes. The podcast is called "Podcasts for Running" and is done by Robert Ullrey. Below is a description from the podcast about week 1;

This is week one and is designed to get you gradually started on a running routine and slowly build your running abilities without burning you out from starting to fast.
This program is designed to be run three times your first week with a resting day between each run. My program is to run on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

You'll have a brisk five minute walking warmup followed by eight sets of 60 second interval runs. A 90 second recovery will follow each interval and you'll finish up with a 5 minute cool down.

To make your run seem to go by faster, I have set this podcast to a dance mix I made and will give instructions during the podcast every time you should change your pace.

It takes you from walking to running a 5K in just nine weeks. I did it a few years ago and have been running ever since. It's a gradual build that I downloaded to my iPod shuffle that provides music and timing cues to alternation between walking and jogging. After you have done that you can graduate to the "One Hour Runner" on I Couldn't find a podcast for this, but it takes you from running 30 minutes at a time, all the way to one hour.straight.

I've never competed, but nothing makes me feel better and its an exercise I can do when I travel without needing anything more than a pair of shoes, shorts and a tanktop. I have a 30 minute routine done as a playlist on my iphone with sound effects of cheers and claps to remind me when I'm halfway done and when to start my cool down.
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VG, thanks for that info.  I have been thinking of beginning running but didn't really know where to start.  Hopefully, this will be the boost I need to get off my butt and do something.
Thanks for that info. I am going to have to check it out. My DH has been running on our tredmill because running on cement is just too hard on his body and has been doing great. Me...not so much. I have such a hard time motivating myself to exercise, it just seems that there are sooo many things I would rather do (like read my Kindle)!! 

My goal starting this week is to exercise 3 days. We have a Wii Fit and that at least makes it fun but I really want to get back into running, I used to do it...many many years ago. My DH reminds me everyday that I should do my workout but all that does is make me cranky! I find it impossible to get up early and do my workout so I try and do it at night but I find if I stop and sit down before I do my workout I am not going to do it.

Does anyone else face these problems?
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