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SAKURA BLUE - a work of contemporary fantasy.

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A Book Bazaar! What a wonderful idea!

...sorry, had to get that out of the way first. I was so happy to find this forum and discover that I'm far from alone.

Here's the product description for Sakura Blue:

Said to hold enough power to dominate humanity, the Seven Relics of the Buddha were first hidden by a secretive brotherhood of seven monks who called themselves "the Temple." Their mission was simple: guard the Relics until they were needed to save humanity.

Thirteen hundred years passed. The Temple's membership swelled with Disciples. Elders came and went, adding their wisdom to the Relics. In that time, countless wars, famines, and disasters struck. Controversy within the Temple swirled. Yet the Relics remained hidden, the location of each known only to its guardian Elder.

Then, five years ago, rebels within the Temple rose up and hunted down the seven Elders, seeking the Relics for their own twisted ends. But the rebellion was fruitless. The Elders died mute. No one else knew where the Relics were. The Temple fell into civil war. Hundreds of Disciples died. The bloody hunt for the Relics continues to this day.

Joshua Grey, a Japanese-American orphan and former Disciple once known as "The Angel of Death," wants out. After years of rage-fueled vengeance over the deaths of his friends and fiancé, Joshua withdrew from the world and spends his days in penance on an isolated Texas farm. He thinks he's found finally peace.

But when his old mentor appears on his doorstep with a dying command, Joshua is thrown into a global race to find the Sakura Blue, one of the Seven Relics and the key to an ancient ritual that will save his mentor's soul... and possibly his own.

Finding himself working with a mysterious woman pursuing her own agenda, Joshua must defeat a twisted sociopath hell-bent on vengeance. It quickly becomes the deadliest mission of his life. And to succeed, he must remain true to the Buddha's teachings. That means no more killing.


The story trots around the world, from rural Texas and the back alleys of Geneva to a quiet west Irish fishing village and the frenetic streets of Tokyo. I've visited every location in the book and tried to capture the atmosphere and geography of each place through the eyes of my characters. I'm hopeful that it will find an audience that will, eventually, want to read the second book in the series (presently in the works).

Thank you. See you on the boards!
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LOL! Welcome to KindleBoards and congratulations on your book!

Please keep in mind that KindleBoards is a Reader and Kindle Fan forum. As such, self-promotion, of any sort, is ONLY allowed in the Book Bazaar. (You haven't done anything wrong, just our standard reminder. :))

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Thank you for the standardized yet very warm welcome. :)

Your cover is gorgeous, by the way.  I love it.
JMcGhee said:
Your cover is gorgeous, by the way. I love it.
Thank you! My sister-in-law designed it. One of the pictures was purchased. I took the other two myself at different times.
Still available only on Kindle - it's been "pending approval" at Smashwords for almost 3 weeks now.  Very frustrating.
John Y. Jones said:
Still available only on Kindle - it's been "pending approval" at Smashwords for almost 3 weeks now. Very frustrating.
Sakura Blue is at last available on Smashwords as well for Kindle. Huzzah!
Does anyone else keep a blog?  How effective do you find it at staying in touch with your readers?
An early Happy New Year to you all.
I've signed this book up for KDP select, so it's now available as a free loan through the Kindle library system.  Anyone else here doing this?
I'm thinking of pulling this book from Kindle Select.  It's had the net effect of removing it from Smashwords while earning exactly nothing in terms of added revenue.  Has anyone else had any experience with Kindle Select?
I've Sakura Blue for Kindle today through Wednesday and it's already shooting up the "free" rankings.  We'll see if this translates to later sales and sales of Book Two, due out this summer.

My deepest thanks to those of you who've supported my work.
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