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#SampleSunday: February 17th

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#SampleSunday is a twitter event, to share reading samples between writers (and readers).

All are welcome - just join in. No need to ask permission/check with anyone, just add your post.


1. Links to your samples MUST be shortened via url shortening servers such as or ( will track your clicks)
2. Add the hashtag #SampleSunday. #SS stands for a lot of other things but not sample sunday.
3. Add your twitter handle so you can track your retweets and so readers will know it's your sample.
4. Add RT to the front of your tweet
5. Most importantly, keep your tweet to 130 characters or less to allow for maximum retweetage
6. Don't put your link last, it will be first to go in retweets if you are too long

Most regular #samplesundayers schedule their tweets twenty or thirty minutes apart to avoid spamming their followers. Both tweetdeck and hootsuite schedule tweets. They will not accept repeat tweets, however. You need to change them slightly, if you are scheduling your own tweets.

Not a good idea to put "My new..." or "Read my..." as the tweet will be going out from NOT YOU!

Few people have the time to edit yours for you, so don't be surprised if you are skipped, if you don't get the tweet right. But practice makes better!

1. For erotica, please keep the tweet appropriate for the under 18's.
2. If you post a Tweet line, please be courteous and Tweet everyone else's Tweet lines.
3. If you ask for more than one line to be Tweeted, please list the accounts you are Tweeting from.
4. If you link only to your Amazon page, most will skip you. You need to be linking to a sample of your work. A sample of your writing. The sample needs to change every week.

If you do not have your own blog or web pages, you can use the kindle boards link: book ASIN here)

Thank you.
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Here's mine: RT #SampleSunday "thinking person's time travel" @sfsignal THE PLOT TO SAVE SOCRATES @PaulLev #timetravel #romance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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