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Thought I'd get this started. Here is my Tweet line:

#SampleSunday #psychological #horror The Crazy Old Lady In The Attic: @Kathleen01930 #99cent #Kindle #short PLZ RT

Remember if you want to be Tweeted, make your line Tweet-worthy. Below is a cut'n'paste of Morgan's very excellent instructions:


If you don't know what #samplesunday is, explanantion below. Please note that few of us have the time to make your tweet up for you, so a comment of "Here's my blog" or "Here's my story link" is unlikely to be tweeted on.

#SampleSunday is a twitter event, to share reading samples between writers (and readers). For a full explanation, read this: Place your sample, in a message that is less than 140 characters long. Sample it on Twitter, if you are unsure. If you wish to see all tweets on your behalf, add your own twitter ID. Messages need to ELL:

1) Entice
2) Link - to your url
2) List - add your genre etc. through a hashtag #romance #horror #thriller etc

Links can be shortened via tiny url or through tweetdeck (or hootsuite). You have to add the hastag #SampleSunday or #SS. #SS is used for other things, so #SampleSunday may be your best choice. Hit both, and read for yourself how each list reads. Some authors put both in. Retweets will add a few characters, so try and leave the message short - 130ish.

#SampleSunday, and tweeting, can be problematic for those new to the forum. For a long discussion of the pros and cons, please read this thread - Does Tweeting Work For You:

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