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I am currently accepting new clients for line- and copyediting and/or proofreading services.

What I Do

Hello! My name is Sarah Fraps. I provide copyediting for indie authors writing speculative fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, and apocalyptic lit. I also enjoy editing YA in any genre and some romance sub genres. The above genres are where I have done the most reading and have the most genre-specific editing expertise. I provide proofreading for writers of most genres, excluding romance and horror.

Who I Am
I am a former educator-turned-editor (seven years teaching writing) committed to providing high-quality, personalized editorial services. My editing suggestions are designed to improve clarity and enhance the story you want to tell while maintaining your unique style and voice.

I am a graduate of the Proofread Anywhere General Proofreading Theory & Practice course, and I have completed line- and copyediting training through the Editorial Freelancers Association. I received a BA in English and Sociology from Texas A&M University where I worked as an editor in the writing center. More than all of the credentials above, I am a:
  • compassionate and honest editor.
  • cheerleader for and collaborator with indie authors.
  • solution seeker providing support and encouragement along the self-publishing journey.
Every story deserves the care and attention of a careful editor. I want every author I've worked with to approach publication with the confidence that their manuscript is the best that it can be. I take great pride in helping authors produce work that shows off their credibility as storytellers and masters of their craft.

How Much I Charge
If you reach out to me, please let me know you found me through Kboards, and I will apply a 25% discount to any services you book.

My rates are based on the those suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association here and a sample edit of your work. Line- and copyediting rates typically begin at 0.01/word USD. Proofreading begins at 0.005/word.

I utilize HoneyBook for client management. Payments are made via debit, credit, or bank transfer through its encrypted payment processor. For most projects, I usually request a 50% initial payment to book services.

How to Get Started
Please check out my website. You will find most of the information provided here, as well as testimonials, my portfolio, and a growing blog. If you are ready for editing, you can use the form on the contact page to get in touch with me.

Along with a custom proposal, I am happy to provide a sample edit of at least 1,000 words for your reference.

Social Media
  • I am on Instagram, and I am happy to follow authors!
  • I am also very active on LinkedIn.
  • My Facebook business page is a great place to get updates.
  • And you may catch me on more than one Facebook writing group (I'm in at least a dozen at this point!).
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