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Sarah Fraps Editorial Services: Manuscript Reviews, Line/Copyediting, & Proofreading

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I am currently accepting new clients for manuscript reviews, line- and copyediting, and proofreading packages.

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What I Do
Hello! My name is Sarah Fraps. I provide manuscript reviews, line- and copyediting and proofreading for indie authors writing:
  • fantasy (epic, heroic, noblebright, romance, etc.)
  • science fiction
  • dystopian and apocalyptic lit
  • YA/NA
  • low spice and sweet romance
  • memoirs and creative nonfiction
  • Christian lit
  • historical fiction
Who I Am
I am a former educator-turned-editor (seven years teaching writing) committed to providing high-quality, personalized editorial services. My editing suggestions are designed to improve clarity and enhance the story you want to tell while maintaining your unique style and voice. Together, we'll tackle clarity and consistency to create an enchanting story that will keep your readers coming back for more.

  • Graduate of the Proofread Anywhere General Proofreading Theory & Practice course
  • Graduate of Editorial Freelancers Association Copyediting course
  • BA in English and Sociology from Texas A&M University
  • Two years experience as an editor in the university writing center
  • Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and ACES

How Much I Charge
If you reach out to me, please let me know you found me through Kboards, and I will apply a 25% discount to any services you book.

See my website for starting rates. Custom quotes are based on the length, complexity, and turnaround time for each work.

How to Get Started
Please check out my website. You will find most of the information provided here, as well as testimonials, my portfolio, and a growing blog. If you are ready for editing, you can use the form on the contact page to get in touch with me. All editorial services begin with a manuscript review.
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Hi all! I'm linking to my most recent blog post this week on the hidden benefits of hiring a professional editor for your novel. Also, I'm getting ready to send an exclusive discount on first-time services to those who subscribe to my newsletter by Sept 15. Don't miss out!
I'm booking up for October. The contact form on my site is the best way to get in touch with me to tell me about your novel. :) In the meantime, I've followed up my blog post on editorial costs with another on sample edits (what they are and why you need one!).
A favorite quote from mystery and crime editor and proofreader Louise Harnby about the importance of industry standard, professional editing features in my blog post for this week: Investing in Your Writing Career. Ready to invest? Ready to edit? Let's go! --> Contact me!
I'm on TikTok now - @sarahfrapseditorial. I post info about my editorial services, editing tips, and corgi shenanigans. Let's connect!
I've got one editing and/or proofreading spot open for the end of October. If you're ready to edit, let me know! Otherwise, check out the podcast Episode 444 from the Sell More Books Show - you may hear someone familiar!
Last week's blog is about my take, as an editor, on grammar and proofreading software. I compare some of the most popular (and of course tell you why hiring an editor is a better bet for editing your novel, in most cases). Check it out - An Editor's Take on Proofreading Software.
The Resources section of my site is a great place to see topics relevant to indie/self-publishing authors categorized in a way that makes it easy to search a topic, click, and read. More resources to come! In the meantime, November is a busy month and booking fast!
October was a busy month - I line edited 105,000 words, published 3 blog posts, finished reading Louise Harnby's Fiction Editing at Sentence Level, and started a TikTok channel. November is shaping up to be even busier - if you're looking for a line- and copyeditor or proofreader for your work, now is the time to book with the holidays approaching. I'll be on an extended holiday from Christmas through mid-January.
Want to stay on top of goings on at Sarah Fraps Editorial Services? Check out the site and scroll to the bottom to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. This months letter goes out next week. It's a good opportunity to stay in touch and learn about what my services can offer you and your manuscript. --> Sarah Fraps Editorial Services
My November newsletter is going out tomorrow, and it's easy to subscribe. Just head over to the home page of my site and put in your name and email address.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday (if celebrating)! I have limited availability for December and am booking primarily for January and beyond. Ready to get to know an editor who can help you create an enchanting story that will keep your readers coming back for more? Check out my LinkTree!
If you are interested in beta reading services (what they are, how much they cost, and who to hire), check out my most recent blog post on hiring a beta reader. This is a service I will likely be adding in the new year.
Ready to publish your novel in the new year? I'm booking for February. Beta reading services will launch in January along with a new "middle ground" editing service for authors on a budget or who want to DIY editing and revision. Keep an eye on my site for details.
I got too excited and already made some updates to my site. You'll find updated testimonials, an updated portfolio page, new services and pricing info, and more. I'll update my first post here soon!
Happy New Year! I've updated the first post of this thread to reflect changes to my website, services, etc. I am now offering professional beta reading! Check it out.
This week I finished proofreading a memoir and completed a beta read of a children's book. Next week, I've got a fantasy beta read to start. Interested in beta reading or editing services? Let's chat!
The new editing teaser service is live on my site. What is it? Line- and copyediting for any 20,000 word section of your manuscript. No style sheet. Comments and Track Changes as usual. A set rate of $300 and the ability to take my changes and comments and apply them to the rest of your document. Check it out!
Last's weeks blog post was on narrative tense with a bit of emphasis on some red flags to look for as far as keeping your tenses consistent.
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