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I wrote a blog entry on this today with lots of links and caveats.

Essentially, if one chose to use this, you'd download (mainly-text) pdf and epub
files and then the utility (placed on your Kindle earlier) would convert the files to mobi files
and it'd feel like a reader that reads native pdf and epub files.

There's a regular version (since Friday) that makes a text-based pdf
and a 2nd 'improved' beta version that converts the converted-text file
to an image-based one instead, leaving you with two converted files and
you'd choose the one you prefer, the latter possibly more faithful to the
original but much larger in file size.

Me, I tend to charge ahead but caution sets in, so I will wait to see how all the
feedback goes on it.

He correctly cautions that the warranty could be voided if this is used though
it will not touch DRM's pdf files so no laws are being broken.

As with the screensaver workaround, there is work to be done to temporarily
uninstall it when new Amazon updates come in.

This is at the top of my blog today, with links to 3 reports on it and to the
developer's software page itself and the developer is getting feedback on it now.

Direct link when older:

The epub capability is super attractive, of course. But I'm not recommending anyone forge ahead on this yet, but be aware that this is here and is being discussed.

Also, I link to two very funny cartoons and a story about the "9 99 tag" boycott.
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