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Scam site, malware or pirates?

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My friend found her book on this site, offered for free. It has an ISBN that actually belongs to a different book and different publishing house, and the publisher's name they use is a bastardization of that publishing house name (close but no cigar). But every time she refreshes the page, it clones itself as a different site.

For instance, when she first went there, it looked like a FreeBooksHub site, then it turned into Book Reader, then it turned into another site, then another site.

Does anyone have any experience with this site -- and for heaven's sake, don't go there! I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it's a scammer site that's downloading spyware or malware with the presumed manuscript or if it's a pirate site that she needs to worry about. The site is called tecor(dot)tinctoga(dot)books(forwardslash)eu but I would not recommend actually going to the link.

And how does it keep changing the facade every time the page is refreshed? That's quite a trick.
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LOL I think you answered your own question. If you can't get the book, it's not a pirate site. It's a malware site. Move on. Nothing to see here.
I don't know if you can or not -- ever since she told me about the site and sent me the screenshots, I've been carefully avoiding going to it! I don't know if she tried to download the book (apparently, it's a free pdf on the site) or not. I've been telling her to run a virus scan, just in case.
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