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Introducing, from ReAnimus Press: SCAPESCOPE by John E. Stith

ReAnimus Press Store: (available in both ebook and paperback)
Amazon: Scapescope

Brother Sammy Wants YOU! In prison. For something you haven't done yet.

Aided by a device that provides glimpses of the future, Mike Cavantalo, a loyal government employee, learns that soon he will be on the list of known political criminals. Uncle Sammy wants him.

First published in 1984 by Ace Books, SCAPESCOPE is John E. Stith's first novel.

Partially set in a future version of the underground NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex, where the author once worked as an Air Force officer.

Praise for Scapescope

"Entertainingly written."--Science Fiction Chronicle

"Well-written and well-plotted, with several surprises. Scapescope is a fine, enjoyable first novel." --Galactic Dispatch

"Tried-and-true Alfred Hitchcock sort of plot."--Edward Bryant

Lots more new books from ReAnimus Press - see the list at
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