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John Daulton said:
Just do it. It's so easy to let the emotional part take over. Be a business person. Polish up the product and put it out there. Produce the next product. I think it's important to remember to keep artist-you and business-you straight, and know when artist-you needs to go sit down and have a glass of wine or something and let business-you take over and put a stop to the, well, feeling all the time. Believe in your story. Sell it.
Ok, I know this is the Super Minority Opinion on this board, but why is "self-publishing it" automatically the right answer. Being a business person - as you pointed out - means making the right business decision. She's at a publisher right now. I don't know enough about the project to say that it's not something that wouldn't sell better as a Trad Published project. It could go either way.

I don't think it has anything to do with not believing in the story. It has to do with knowing what's best for your project and yourself and making sure they line up and you're happy with your decision.

*waits to have rotten tomatoes thrown at her*

I just think, as much as I love self-publishing, that it's not ALWAYS the auto-right answer for everyone and every project.
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