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My advice:  put the book out there and don't market it at all.

My first indie novel was technically a part of a series, but when I worked with agents on it, both advised me to try to sell it as a stand-alone with series potential, so it was rewritten to be a fully self-contained story.  That's how I self-published it.  I didn't market it one bit, except to put up a quick post on Goodreads when it had a few rare free days, and it found an eager audience and sold really well, so now I'm releasing the rest of the series.  My second indie novel (different pen name) is a stand-alone with no series potential.  It's still pretty new, but it also sells regularly (about 50 copies per month three months out, which is better than the first book's monthly sales three months after its release).

People are interested in stand-alones.  You don't have to do anything to promote it.  Readers who like your series will check it out even though it's not a series, too.  And new readers will find it as well.

Just make sure you edit it really well.  You'll be fine.
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