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School for Vampires - FREE PROMO!

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Hi all, book 1 in my School for Vampires series is FREE til March 30. Check out the reviews and take a chance on a series that offers a fresh take on a well-worn genre! Thanks for all the feedback. Book 3 is well underway!! More news to come shortly.

UPDATE: Hi fellow book lovers! Just an update to say thanks for all the great early feedback for School for Vampires. Has been most helpful and welcome. Secondly, to answer the burning question, Book 2 - Rainbow Fire, will be out next week. I'll post on here and on my homepage and fb when it's released. In meantime, I thought i'd put up a few quotes from readers who have shared their thoughts on Book 1, mainly because I feel like I've written a vampire novel that's a little bit different to the usual fare, and others seem to be agreeing.

"Not like your typical vampire stories. I enjoyed reading every word and couldn't put the story down."

"Straight away I was hooked. It has a very refreshing take on Vampires and is different to any other book in its genre. Filled with suspense it is a real page turner and leaves the reader with so many questions still to be answered. Really looking forward to the next book in the series"

"I enjoyed the plot line that was different to the usual expected idea of 'vampire' books now. Definately worth a download."

And my personal fave: " I would have read the book without stopping if I didn't have to eat."

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for Book 2!

Hello to all the book lovers out there! My name is Quinn Conlan and I've just taken the daring first step of publishing my first ever novel. I've read a gazzilion blogs, each with a list of the 438 things you MUST do to successfully self publish, but I don't think I'll ever have a flair for self-promotion. I'd rather just slowly let my novel take on its own life, even if that means reaching just one person at a time. So, introducing myself here in the book bazaar obviously counts as shameless self-promotion, but it's also just a chance to say hello and to find other people who love words and stories more than dollars and cents.

My book is called "School for Vampires" and i've just put it on kindle, it should come up as free for the next two days I hope. Like loads of people, I LOVE vampire novels. I wanted to write a story with the classic central three-pronged fork: a 16 year old 'everywoman' hero, with powers she hasn't even glimpsed yet; the All-American, good hearted jock; and the ruffle-haired, leather-jacketed, Rebel Without a Cause bad boy. I wanted to write a classic story about vampires, but also, hopefully make it fresh and even a bit funny. I think mainly, I wanted to write about love and death and about people trying to stay true-hearted in a corrupt, overbearing world. Throw in some cliched coffins, holy water and wooden stakes, and you've got "School for Vampires" nailed!

Anyway, that's enough info about me and my new book. It's very dear to me, and it's strange thinking it's now out there in the world, even if no one gets around to finding it anytime soon! If anyone DOES get to reading it, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback. As I said, i'm new to all this, and I'm eager to learn. But anyway, greetings to all the readers of the world and I've just bought my first kindle too so I look forward to following other's recommendations. Take care!

Quinn Conlan

School for Vampires
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Welcome to KindleBoards and congratulations on your book!

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Hi guys, School for Vampires book 1 is currently FREE, til March 30!! Take a chance on a great new series. Find the book here:

Hi guys, an update to let you know that School for Vampires Book 2, "Rainbow Fire," is now on sale! Blake's life heads in an unexpected direction that's fraught with peril but brings her closer to the truth. It's got buckets of action and I hope you like it!

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