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I'm happy to announce that my new novella, The Droid Who Loved Me is now on sale for $1.99!

If you enjoy funny, sexy sci fi romance, you'll get a kick out of this book :D.

Here's the description:

Lieutenant Alex Daniels is on a mission she never saw coming--Teaching the android she created how to be the perfect Sex Machine. His purpose is to seduce the information the Union of Planet needs out of the Tamerian delegates, a mission no human man could perform. The brass suspects a terrorist plot, and they need David to root it out before it's too late.

What Alex didn't count on was the way David makes her feel, the way they laugh together, along with the delicious way he elicits orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm. As the day of the delegates' arrival draws closer, she realizes she might not be able to let him go. How can she let him seduce a stranger?

With the fate of her people in jeopardy, she must choose between losing her job, or losing something closer to home--her heart.

THE DROID WHO LOVED ME is a funny, sexy novella approximately 14,000 words long.

Warning: Explicit sex, anal play, anal sex, oral. May be too hot to handle!

I'm also giving away free copies to the first five people who comment in this thread! Why not share the love? Android love, that is ;).

I hope you enjoy it!

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Welcome to KindleBoards, Delilah, and congratulations on your book!

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