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Science fiction: The Coldest Equations - bargain priced at $2.99

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Hi, all

I made my link via the Linkmaker provided here... let's see if it works...

Have you ever wondered where writers get their ideas? Is there some alternate universe where events are happening, which writers tap into? No! But once a writer here, on Earth, creates a story, in particular, let us say, a TV series, and it is committed to celluloid, the world within that series does surge into life as an alternate Earth...and there are millions of them.

And there are people out there who have devised a method for transporting actors on Earth into the bodies of the real characters that now exist in these alternate earths...and vice versa.

Tracy Karlovassi is the star of the near-science fiction TV series, The Coldest Equations. In the future, the civilian space companies have become the power in the world, as they vie for control of the moon, the asteroids, and the near planets. Each corporation has a variety of security teams - teams that keep their own scientists and inventions safe from spying eyes, and teams that spy on and attempt to kidnap the scientists or inventions of other corporations. Tracy Karlovassi plays Miranda Rainbird, head of a security team for the Capablanca Corporation - one that spies on other corporations.

Season 3 of The Coldest Equations features a season-long arc in which Miranda Rainbird has been framed for a crime she did not commit, and is on the run from both friends and foes. As Miranda Rainbird, she would doublless be able to prove her innocence and track down the real criminal with ease...but The People Out There have transported Tracy Karlovassi into her body, and what can a mere actress do?

This book is a lot of fun (*I* think, anyway) wth plenty of homages to classic SF TV, movies and books. If fantasy/sci fi is your cup of tea, please check it out.
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