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Screen Savers Redux

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I'm doing a reorg or my screenies in Photobucket so I thought I'd repost some of the groups as I go for anyone who wants to steal with pride.
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These are the a group of Retro images I did. I think this was my first batch .....

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These are images from the artist Anne Julie Aubry

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I have lots of interesting images of women to choose from

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From signs it was quickly on to Propaganda posters

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And I did a series of textured images ... i'm really liking these ....

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And, in all their misogynistic, homoerotic, uber-macho goodness, I did a series of pulp fiction covers

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Okay, I think it's time I put the screensaver hack on my K2.  I loved it on my K1, but have not taken the time to hack the K2. 
I'm off to find the directions. 
Oh yeah, these are awesome and I will be using some, with pride.
Hurray Dr. Renee. :)

Here are some more and some of my favorites:

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I did some Victorian and Edwardian portraits some time back ....

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This is various random things from here and there

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I decided I needed more portraits. The last batch was from 1860 to about 1920. These are from 1900 to 1960 with an emphasis on the 20's and 30's ....

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Some of those are so awesome looking, great work!
Those are totally awesome. I snagged quite a few (was just using my own book cover until now).

Any way I can request some Star Wars and Stargate pics? ;)
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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