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Scrivener and collaboration in the cloud

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Question to you Scrivener users: have you any advice for authors collaborating with the same file (in a cloud storage environment like dropbox)?  I sort of imagine a lot of copy/pasting from word into the doc after telling the other author "stay out of the main doc for a moment" or something like that.

Thanks for any advice.
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I think the SPP talked about this on a few episodes. Can't remember how long ago. You may want to email or leave a vm for them to answer the question.
Don't do it. It's asking for trouble. Use something designed for collaboration like Google Docs.
I don't co-write with anyone, but I do access Scrivener files from the same location from multiple computers. If you're going to do this, the thing to remember is that the most recent update will trump whatever was saved last, so if you leave it open somewhere, edit from somewhere else, and then go back to the original doc, closing the first window down might erase your edits depending on your Scrivener settings.

If you want to do this, make sure you edit at different times and always close out the files when you're done (I also recommend having each writer's client store its own backups in a folder somewhere locally in case of a mishap).
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