This 30-year-old author is a sensation in China. With over a million subscribers to his blog and five million books sold, Xu Lei is one of his country's most popular and highest-grossing novelists. Now, his bestseller has been translated into English and is yours for $3.99 today.

"Imagine a Chinese version of Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones series, and you've essentially discovered Xu Lei, one of China's biggest rising stars." --
Search for the Buried Bomber (Dark Prospects), by Xu Lei

The X-Files meets Indiana Jones in Search for the Buried Bomber, the first in Xu Lei's Dark Prospects series of thrillers steeped in archeological myths and government secrets.

During China's tumultuous Cultural Revolution, the People's Liberation Army dispatches an elite group of prospectors famous for their work uncovering rare minerals to the mountains of rural Inner Mongolia. Their assignment: to bring honor to their country by descending into a maze of dank caves to find and retrieve the remnants of a buried World War II bomber left by their Japanese enemies. How the aircraft ended up beneath thousands of feet of rock baffles the team, but they'll soon encounter far more treacherous and equally inexplicable forces lurking in the shadows. Each step taken-and each life lost-brings them closer to a mind-bending truth that should never see the light of day. Pride sent them into the caves, but terror will drive them out.

Through the eyes of one of the prospectors, bestselling Chinese author Xu Lei leads readers on a gripping and suspenseful journey.

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Meet the Author

Born in 1982, Xu Lei now lives in Hangzhou, the most beautiful city in China. To his Chinese fans, he is better known by his pen name: Nanpai Sanshu. Originally engaged in international commerce, he once ran a foreign trade enterprise, and his days were filled with negotiating with American clients over every little thing. In his spare time he loved to read horror and suspense novels. Bored after having consumed nearly all of the good books in those two genres, he decided to write his own suspense serial: The Grave Robbers' Chronicles. To his great surprise, he turned famous overnight, becoming China's most popular suspense novelist. Nanpai Sanshu, or "Uncle Three," is the name of a character from The Grave Robbers' Chronicles, and that Xu Lei chose it as his pen name both demonstrates the connection he has to his work and the free and easy way in which he writes.

Since becoming an author, his real life has become like something out of a novel: his fans have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, and now they harangue him online to write new book after new book; he was even called up by an actual grave robber who wanted to correct some of the inaccuracies in his work. Everyday he has editors following one step behind, urging him to finish his manuscripts as fast as he can. At this point in his life, he has no choice but to redouble his efforts, writing more novels of even higher quality to offer as tribute to his many readers. To date, he has published Chinese editions of The Grave Robbers' Chronicles, Books 1-8, Dark Prospects, Books 1 and 2, and War of the Furious River, Books 1 and 2, and this last is now being adapted into a movie. Among these, Book 1 of The Grave Robbers' Chronicles and Book 1 of Dark Prospects have both been published in English. But Dark Prospects is a very different beast than that earlier series. After three years of painstaking labor, Xu Lei has crafted a pair of novels in which every suspenseful detail fits together, ultimately leading to the solution to the mystery at the heart of the story. It is a masterpiece of suspense, one that will have readers happily racking their brains as they try to figure out just how it's all going to end.