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Seattle Times "Funny"

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Hi, All -

My Dad clipped out this paragraph for me to read. I've decided to share it with you. The underline is mine.

"A shorts-clad Seattle jogger ran through snow and freezing temperatures to try to hit all 27 Seattle Public Library branches the other day. For the love of God, somebody get this guy a Kindle!" by Ron Judd, 12.21.08
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That is too funny..............  Kindles are making an impact aren't they. :)
Oh, very funny! Thanks for the chuckle, Marci. I needed that on this cold morning.

That is toooo funny!  ;D

LOL, Just too funny. Thanks for posting.
I did that one winter in Nashua, but I was trying to hit all the bars.
Well, by about the third bar you should have been fairly warm, teninx.  I see much pain and suffering in the Seattle jogger's future.  You know, unless the Seattle libraries have some sort of two drink minimum policy or something.

Was he trying to set a record or something?  I like books as much as anyone but that was a bit much.

You know most of the people thatsaw that are scratching their heads saying "Kindle?  What in the world is a Kindle?"
Reading > jogging

Pass the Doritos.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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