This short, highly-praised novel is the first in the Saga of Evil series from the eclectic author Robert Friedrich!

Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises (Saga of Evil), by Robert Friedrich
Price: $2.99
101 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 8 reviews

"I started reading and immediately felt like I was part of a military video game. I had my gear on, checked my weapons, loaded my ammo, went through the briefing and was headed out on this mission to a Mars colony. Then Chapter 3 hit. The vibe became more personal and very intense. Robert Friedrich is a very articulate and well rounded writer, that has an incredibly creative mind. I would highly recommend Robert's book. It's an excellent read." -- Amazon reviewer

From a distant galaxy far beyond our time, the most ancient of all EVIL awoke before descending upon our unsuspecting galaxy. The planet it reached never faced such a threat, but didn't submit to it, either. In a final attempt to survive, a prison between dimensions was built, the last hope to hold the DARK POWER for an eternity. The planet withered and died, and its people found a new refuge among the stars. That planet is now known as: Mars.

But even eternity doesn't last forever. Ignorance and an infantile arrogance of a nation leads to its release. And once again, it only leaves death in its wake.

Read the fast-paced Sci-Fi/Horror, where the elements of OCCULT meet with an advanced MILITARY thriller, wrapped in a colossal battle between good and evil.

The first part of a new, long-awaited Saga, from the internationally renowned author of "The Darkness Within" will give you a gulp of a SMASH HIT and will leave you wanting more…

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Meet the Author

Robert Friedrich is an author who writes in a multitude of styles which include Novellas, Short Stories, Poetry and even Screenplays. His books are famous for taking an unconventional route through the darkest of places and emotions, and are generally driven by fast paced action and direct-from-heart dialogue. His current releases include: The Darkness Within: A Novella, Enlightened by Darkness Anthologies, The Book of Metal Lyrics and Seed of Evil, which is the first part of an entire up-coming Saga. Robert surprises his audience by how different, each of his book's tone, message is and how they are visually descriptive. He also designs his own book covers and trailers.

"A fictional Dystopia is better than a fake Utopia." -- Robert Friedrich

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