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Seeking Budget-Friendly Custom Cover Illustrator Recs

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Hello, all! I'm shuffling through the yellow pages for a custom cover illustrators, but there are a lot of choices. Does anyone have any custom designers to recommend? I'm looking for an illustrator who's great with people and scenery. I prefer no stock photos, but sometimes "custom art" and "budget-friendly" just don't mix. The thing is, I have a LOT of covers I need completed.

Anyway, I thought I'd seek out some recs. If there's a talented designer you've worked with who's budget-friendly and answers email in a timely fashion - all that jazz - I'd love to hear about them.
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Try DeviantArt. I found my cover artist there. Lots of talented artists on that site willing to do amazing art for a lot less than I've seen advertised here. :)
I've sent about five inquires to various account holders, but some of them must not be active anymore. I haven't heard back from them yet.
Yeah, that is (unfortunately) a common issue. I sent out inquires to a couple people who never responded, but luckily, the one guy I REALLY wanted did respond.
I am working with cover designer who is very personable, professional, creative, and very reasonably priced. Her name is Clarissa Yeo of Yocla Designs.

She did the covers for all three of the fantasy novellas in my series, Nambroc Sequence, and she is designing the cover for the fourth novella.

Please click on the link:
Nice work! I like it.
What price range do you consider "budget-friendly"?
I keep the costs down by using stock and then digitally painting over it to create photomanipulation covers - which you find a lot on deviantart. So it's not a completely illustrated cover, but it gets close and costs a lot less than custom illustration. It tends to work best with character covers, but can be done on scenes and objects too.

For example, some befores and afters:

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